Vandal covers and safety guards for earthmoving machinery

Supplier: Noise Control Engineering
09 October, 2013

Protect earth moving machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, graders, rollers, from the acts of vandalisms or from the influence of the harsh working environments.

We offer a full range of AVSG vandal guards to suit all models of the Caterpillar excavators. Furthermore, if not available in stock, we are ready to design and manufacture vandal guards literally for any other type of heavy or earth moving machinery.

Along with protective features, vandal guards from AVSG can also be fitted with additional elements for ensuring noise attenuation and creating comfortable working space for an operator.

Vandal Cover and Safety Guards

Vandal covers are usually made either from metal mesh to create a zone of visual control for a machine operator or from solid metal (steel or aluminum) panels to ensure maximum protection. Security covers are individually designed for every particular brand and model of an excavator, roller, dump truck, etc.

The shape of protective panels is similar to the shape of windows, doors, or engine compartment openings, provided that ventilation and easy access/evacuation of an operator are not compromised. Vandal guards are equipped with mounting devices, ensuring quick and easy installation or removal of the vandal guards.

Depending on the type of a security panel and machine to be protected, minor drilling or welding work may sometimes be necessary to fix vandal guards. However, most of the modern vandal guards can be mounted using the existing fixing points on the machinery, thus reducing the risks of corrosion because of extra drilling in the cabin.

AVSG offers a full range of services: From initial examination of a machine, performing all the measurements on site and to manufacturing customised vandal guards, capable of meeting all the individual requirements as to the construction, material, design, or additional features of security panels.

Vandal guards are often supplied in kits, such as those offered by AVSG, which makes installation of vandal guards an easy and quick operation, which can be performed by anyone.

Why invest in vandal guards?

The advantages of using vandal covers are obvious. In addition to the primary benefit of protecting machinery from vandals or from physical damages, for example in the result of falling objects during work in a quarry or at demolition sites, vandal guards also contribute to the reduction of the machine down time, lowering insurance cost and complying with the manufacturer's warranty policy (to be consulted with a particular manufacturer of the earthmoving or industrial machinery).

In addition to protecting doors and windows, vandal guards may also be designed to provide an adequate level of protection to separate equipment of machinery, such as fuel caps, headlights, sirens, skylights, or cameras.