Tubular Power Wirewound Resitors with silicon coatings

Supplier: Australian Resistors By: RR
03 June, 2013

We offer the very best quality Power Wire Wound Resistors from 3 watts to 1500 watts available with the exclusive PYROSIL D Coating.

What is Pyrosil D Coating?

Its a unique combination of silicone resins and refactory oxidation barriers designed particularly for high temperature operation. It is capable of withstanding temperatures corresponding to five times rated load.

Proven after extensive field testing to provide long, trouble free performance under most operating conditions, PYROSIL coating offers the following features:

  •     Low temperature cured - no limitations on wire specifications.
  •     Repels moisture - minimises the effect of high humidity conditions.
  •     Resists chipping - for mechanical robustness.
  •     Unaffected by most common solvents - for resistance to environmental attack.
  •     Withstands temperatures over 10000C - resistor can absorb a short time overload of 5 times rated load.

Also available are tubular power wirewound resitors with Tropical C type silicon coating

What is Tropical C coating?

This silicone coating is a specially developed for the worst conditions encountered, such as on shipboard, in tropical countries and humid climates. Power rating in watts shown in the table should not be exceeded for full protection against moisture over the lifetime of the resistor.

Our quality system and manufacturing procedures of tubular power wirewound resitors are based on the ISO 9002 model, further, all our power resistors are 2 tier tested with every resistor being 100% tested on "state of the art" automatic or manual testing equipment, followed by a further sample check to ensure no system failure has occurred.

We offer the highest quality components with the very best in component protection.

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