Trio Packaging - Australia's only qualified ErgoPack distribitor

17 Apr 2021

Trio Packaging Systems is the only qualified distributor of ErgoPack Deuschland GmbH for Australia

Trio Packaging Systems | ErgoStap Australia has been supplying high quality packaging solutions for over 40 years now. Founded in the mid 70's and one of the first to offer "Compression Pallet Strappers" to the Australian market, Trio Packaging continues to provide innovative and cost effective ideas for today's packaging market.

The partnership with ErgoPack Germany began in 2008 and since then has proven to be a winner.

In 1998 the founder of ErgoPack "Andreas Kimmerle" took over his parents timber trading company and discovered how hard and sometimes dangerous it was to manually strap pallets using the old broomstick method, so in 2001 he founded ErgoPack Deutschland GmbH in his garage. In 2010 the company moved into a new production and office building covering 2000m². Only three years later in 2013 the production area doubled to over 4000m².

The ErgoPack system, made in Germany is already being produced in its 7th generation. Approximately 6,500 systems have been sold to 55 countries all around the world, 20 of which with their own representation. These 6500 systems are strapping 600000 cycles every day and the strap being used by an ErgoPack would reach around the globe 10 times every year.

ErgoPacks customers include many well-known companies such as Airbus, L'Oreal, Bosch, Daimler, most European car manufacturers as well as countless small to medium sized companies.

Andreas Kimmerle believes that no matter what part of the world you are in there are 3 main benefits of utilising the ErgoPack system:

First: ErgoPack is ergonomic; no bending, no walking around the pallet. This means for businesses the ErgoPack considerably reduces the risk of injuries and assists in the prevention of potential long term back problems.

Second: ErgoPack is so easy to learn and comfortable to use. With the benefit being a short learning curve for all employees and an unpopular job suddenly becomes less physically demanding and even makes it fun to do.

Third: ErgoPack is efficient. By reduced risk of back problems, safer, less physically demanding and therefore improves motivation it considerably increases efficiency. That translates to a more efficient department that brings more profit and thus more job security.

Kimmerle also says it's all about securing the load. "Securing loading units is necessary to make sure the goods on the pallet arrive safely and without damage. But also, to make sure nobody gets injured and finally avoiding penalties due to improper secured pallets. Therefore, the majority of companies use either PP or PET plastic strap. To strap around the pallet there are only two possibilities:

First:  The fully automatic system which is a wonderful thing if you have a large quantity of pallets coming out of a palletiser on a conveyor line, all the same size.

Second: If you cannot use a fully automatic system because it is maybe too big, not flexible enough, stationary and not mobile, too expensive or whatever the reason is why you cannot use it: the only alternative is the "broomstick method". And we all know how that plays out.

So consider this to strap a normal pallet someone would have to bend twice and walk around the pallet once for 1 strap. But generally, you strap the pallets twice which means you have to bend 4 times and walk around the pallet two times. Assuming we work 250 days a year this means you have to bend 1000 times a year and walk around the pallet 500 times at 1 pallet a day. If you only strapped one pallet a day you wouldn't buy and ErgoPack but you strap 50 pallets a day! This means bending 50000 times and walking around the pallet 25000 times - and this would be great to reduce to zero, right?

We are not claiming that the ErgoPack is a quicker alternative and saves time! But you would have to agree that if someone did not have to bend 50000 times and did not walk around a pallet 25000 times by the 30th pallet that day it would be getting done at the same pace as the first one. Some time saving is not our primary focus it is a benefit you get on top.