Trans-Australian project right on track

Supplier: Kenro Metal Services By: Jim Thrush
01 August, 2014

The client (Rio Tinto) was in Western Australia, the contractor (Vossloh Cogifer Australia) was in regional Victoria while the supplier (Kenro Metal Services) was headquartered in Queensland - making this in-bearer project a real tri-state triumph.

One of Kenro Metal Services' recent projects was an Australia-wide success.

With client, contractor and Kenro Metal Services based in 3 separate states, this In-Bearer Installation project at Pilbara, WA was completed without a hitch.

Kenro manufactured and supplied the In-Bearers (or Hollow Steel Bearers) as part of a 70km rail line duplication.

In-Bearers are a vital component in track and switch technology. They facilitate tamping (pulling the stones back into the track to give the sleepers firmer support).

Traditionally the rodding has to be disconnected, however Kenro's hollow steel bearers were far superior.

Their hydraulic rams, switch gear and rodding were partially enclosed in the bearer, also providing protection against dirt, dust and weather.

Kenro have worked together with Vossloh Cogifer on many successful projects, however the Pilbara Project required them to be at their multi-tasking best.

Kenro not only assisted with design and development, but also looked after other facets of manufacture and supply.

This included applying special coatings to the In-Bearers before delivery for this project.

The component manufacture process involved laser cutting, profile cutting, heavy steel bending, fabrication and welding, machining, painting & coating, polishing, assembling and finally transport and shipping to the site.Vossler Cogifer insisted on two things:

  • One, that the equipment be pre-assembled in Kenro's workshop and shipped as complete units  to ensure the In-Bearers were in full working order ready for immediate use.
  • And two, that every component be identified with a serial number for maintenance checks.

Now if replacement components are needed urgently, Rio Tinto can simply quote the corresponding number and Kenro can quickly replicate the part and despatch it straight away.

With peace of mind, there is no tyranny of distance.

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