Traffic protection solution for distribution centre

04 Dec 2020

As part of a global brand’s drive to boost health and safety on their distribution centre, A-SAFE were asked to supply solutions to safeguard essential machinery and equipment


An American consumer goods corporation, specialising in cleaning agents, personal care and hygiene solutions.


At one of the brand’s UK distribution centres, the customer required a solution to safeguard important operational equipment and automated machinery against damage from forklift trucks (FLTs), as well as protect critical structures and high traffic doorways – areas that were vulnerable to dangerous impacts. They also needed to separate traffic routes to avoid dangerous interactions between vehicles and employees on foot.


A-SAFE manufactured, supplied and installed combined pedestrian and vehicle protection, comprising Single Traffic+ Barrier to separate streams of workplace traffic, and Bollards to define doorway edges, provide safe access for personnel and guide traffic through the site. Column Guards were also used to safeguard posts and internal structures from traffic collisions, defending the structural integrity of the building to ensure maximum operational efficiency.

Where sanitation is a priority, we provide industry-leading solutions for safety, segregation and protection. Specifically designed for the health and hygiene industry – our products benefit from hygiene seals, no ingress points, water resistance, a convenient wipe-clean exterior and stainless steel base plates.