TPSi from Fronius - the future of welding is here

Supplier: SMENCO
01 May, 2014

Fronius has launched its 2014 'intelligent revolution' era in Australia with the unveiling of the TPS/i MIG/MAG welding appliance platform.

The new TPS/I concept, developed from the ground up by Fronius, sees users benefit from using individually customised welding machines that are easily upgraded and that stand out for their high intelligence and extensive communications functions.
The TPS/i platform was conceived and designed from the ground up. As a result, it has decisively improved the welding properties, optimised the communication between man and machine and perfected the operational handling.

Its modular design concept makes it easy to adapt it to individual welding-needs.

Interaction - a new world of communications

The TPS/i is much more than just a tool – instead, it is a welding partner that communicates with the user in many different ways. The intuitive plain-text display gives users information on all machine parameters in the form of descriptive texts and the system automatically detects all available components and warns of any incompatibilities.

Among many other features, the mini-display integrated into the 'Jobmaster' torch lets users control the power source from the welding workplace. Remote maintenance and system analysis are possible via Internet.

Improvement - superior welding properties

The central functions of the TPS/i have been completely re-designed. The much faster processor performance means that many new control variables can now be measured.

This makes it possible to analyse and control the weld process even more accurately with several very positive effects including less spattering in the dip-transfer arc process, improved droplet detachment, an even more stable arc at the same time as higher welding speeds and controlled ignition properties. Welding has never been as simple and with such impressive quality.

Individuality - Modular concept

One machine – endless possibilities. The TPS/i is modularly designed. This means that the core of the machine is a future-oriented standard module which can easily be extended.

For example, the machine can have the functionality of a pulsed-arc power source added to it simply by carrying out an upgrade. New characteristics are easy to upload to it, from a USB stick or via the Internet connection, in the same way as for firmware updates.

This modular architecture makes the TPS/i ready for whatever the future may bring. In this way, capabilities that are still undreamed-of can one day be the norm – all on the same machine.

Fronius TPSi Welder product page


Setup of Fronius inline push-pull MIG torch