TP Series Temperature Calibrator range produces all the requirements necessary for accurate laboratory or onsite calibrations

Temperature sensors are subject to mechanical, thermal and chemical stress. The portable SIKA TP Calibrators provide various accurate and dependable units that cover a wide temperature range.

Temperature is one of the most important indicators for product quality. In industrial applications even the smallest inaccuracy can lead to production errors. Only the regular calibration of the temperature sensors can ensure consistently accurate information and detect any visible drift levels caused by the stress on sensors in continuous use. The TP range is divided into three series to satisfy all your requirements:

TP Basic

Sophisticated technology - easy handling

  • Dry-block temperature calibrators
  • Efficient and portable
  • Simple operation
  • Sophisticated use of various automated functions
  • Optimum thermal coupling from the block to the test piece

TP Solid

Higher accuracy and special designs

  • Flexible
  • Dry-block temperature calibrators and Micro-calibration baths
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Suitable for calibrating sensors with complex geometry

TP Premium

Fastest calibration and hybrid technology

  • Optimum performance
  • Universal application
  • Multi-function calibrators: Dry-block, Microbath, Infrared, and Surface functions
  • Patented touch screen function
  • Patented control technology (time saving up to 50%)
  • Hybrid technology (Peltier elements and heating cartridges)
  • Fast stabilisation
  • Stability up to 0.001°C

Calibration Functions

Dry-block - sensors with simple geometry

The dry block function has been developed to guarantee an easier calibration of the temperature in the laboratory and during field use. The optimum thermal coupling from the block to the test instrument is achieved with the appropriate adapter sleeve. The dry block covers the entire temperature range without the need to change the calibration medium.

Micro Bath - Sensors with complex geometry

The use of calibration liquids offers an ideal solution for temperature sensors with an unusual shape and size. The test item is immersed directly into the liquid without an insulating air gap, resulting in direct temperature contact between the calibrator and the test item. The liquid, such as silicone oil, is chosen depending on the calibration temperature required. The continuous adjustment of the magnetic stirrer together with the removable sensor basket agitates the calibration liquid to create a large measuring zone. Furthermore, the sensor basket guarantees unhindered stirring and helps protect the sensor.

Infrared Measuring Instruments

A patented infrared calibration sleeve is used to calibrate IR pyrometers or thermal imaging cameras. The use of a special surface structure and the asymmetrical shapes create a "cavity radiator" with an emission factor of 0.9994, prevents the reflection of interference radiation and emit the required temperature in an ideal form. The pyrometer under test is simply held at the specified distance above the measurement opening of the calibrator, thereby forming the desired measurement area on the bottom for the calibration to be performed. A support base can be fitted directly on the unit.

Surface Sensors

Surface temperature sensors are calibrated using special sleeves that are fitted vertically with the required contact force. Switching calibration control to the external reference sensor creates the best possible temperature reference point on the surface of the sleeve. The reference sensor is located directly beneath the abutting face of the sleeve. The sleeve is designed in such a way that the best temperature homogeneity is achieved in the centre of the abutting face. The special design of the abutting face enables good thermal contact. There is no need to use a thermally conductive paste or other thermal conduction aids.

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