The Weatherproof Powered Process Indicator with a 57mm Character Height - Did You Know?

Supplier: Innovec Controls
18 December, 2020

The DIR4WP57 is a powered process indicator with a daylight readable LED display with a touch switch programmable front panel as well as 4 set points that can switch 240 VAC at one ampere resistive.

Features a Low Cost – High Performance Solution


  • High contrast 5-digit LED display
  • 57mm Character height
  • 25 metre viewing distance



  • Non-volatile variable storage of all values for 10 years
  • Touch switch calibration of:
    • 4 set point relays with form C contacts
    • Configurable high, low, or operating position alarm
  • Adjustable display brightness



  • IP65 weatherproofing
  • Surface mount enclosure
  • 0o – 70o Celsius environmental parameters


Power Supply

  • 24 VDC loop supply to power 2 wire sensors
  • 85 – 250 VAC 47-63 Hz supply
  • or 12-40 VDC supply