The New Eaton 9130 UPS

Supplier: Eaton
05 November, 2008

The New Eaton 9130 UPS Advances IT Customers’ Green Initiatives With High Efficiency Operation And More Available Real Power

Eaton announces a new addition to the Powerware® series, the 9130 UPS, which will help customers carry out green initiatives in their IT environments. The new 700 to 3000 VA UPS models are available in Rack and Tower formats and feature a high-efficiency design that saves energy without sacrificing reliability.

The Eaton 9130 features a 0.9 output power factor for delivering full power to equipment that may have a wide range of leading and lagging power factors. Ideal for servers, networking equipment, telecommunications, VoIP and security systems, the 9130 delivers clean, continuous power to protect critical equipment from power anomalies.

Utilising a double-conversion design, the UPS continually monitors power conditions – regulating voltage and frequency – to provide pure sinewave power that modern equipment requires.

Additional features of the Eaton 9130 include:
• Intelligent display – A bright, easy to navigate panel displays important status information. Runtime, load and other vital information and troubleshooting are displayed.
• Receptacles – The 9130 offers back panels to accommodate a mixture of IEC and Australian receptacles.