The Bitron Petrol Treatment: A Personal Experience.

Save more on fuel consumption with Bitron.

I owned a Ford Fairlane 1989 Model from new. A petrol-powered vehicle I owned from new. I entered the Bitron era of my work about 1997 by which time the Speedometer reading was 150,000 Klms. I added all 3 of the main Bitron Treatments; the Fuel; the crankcase oil and the transmission. It took over 3000 klms of operating before the Fuel consumption dropped. The Difference was 400 Klms without Bitron to 550 Klms per tank of fuel, with Bitron.

It took a long while before I was given information from a Specialist Automotive Engineer, who told me; as the vehicle having 150,000 Klms on the clock initially, the exhaust sensors were set in their way, it took a lot of operating the vehicle before the sensors reset themselves to accept the Bitron Petrol Treatment.

Since then I have purchased a Toyota Aurion with 5,000 Klms on the Clock. I tested this vehicle without Bitron to check the fuel consumption. There was a marked reduction in fuel consumption by the second tank of fuel. Since then the fuel consumption reduction would be mostly in excess of 20% fuel saving.

I sold the Fairlane to a very knowledgeable Motor Mechanic. On buying the vehicle, he took it for a run up on the highway. He was quite happy about the vehicle’s performance. What he didn’t know was the forward gearing in the automatic gear box was slipping badly.

Standing still; I could put my foot on the brake, move the gear shift into Drive and rev the engine to about 2000 RPM and the vehicle didn’t want to move and the engine rev up to 2000 RPM easily. When I went to test the Reverse gear in the same fashion, the engine stalled immediately. All I can say is that as the gearbox had been treated with Bitron from the last 150,000 Klms. it’s life; the oil pressure with Bitron added was sufficient to drive the vehicle up to performance on the highway to the pleasure of this buyer-- Motor Mechanic.