The best products for cleaning up oil spills

Supplier: Ecospill By: Melissa Goff
31 May, 2018

Have you ever wondered what is the quickest and easiest way to clean up oil spills? Well we compare three of the most common absorbents available. See for yourself which absorbent works the best!

When dealing with oil spills you want to have the best product available to clean it up quickly and efficiently.

This video compares EcoSweep against the two most commonly used absorbents available: kitty litter and zeolite. Watch for yourself how using an inferior absorbent will cost you dearly in the long run: because you’ll have to repeatedly try and clean up a spill. Whereas EcoSweep absorbent uses HALF the amount of product, and cleans up the spill leaving the floor clean, DRY and slip-free!



The Best Absorbent To Clean Oil Spills - EcoSweep vs Kitty Litter by Ecospill