The benefits of Pressure Measurement Technology (PMT)

By: Wika and Bestech
12 January, 2018

As industry leaders for the development of PMT, IndustrySearch invited Wika and Bestech to share their thoughts about current challenges and the future of PMT.

What new challenge has your pressure measurement technology recently solved for a customer?

A large contractor working on the Wheatstone project was having issues with vacuum measurement while evacuating Ex Enclosures manually. To solve their specific problem, Wika suggested a High Precision Digital Gauge CPG1500 which is suited to the application because it is also intrinsically safe. The application was in the low vacuum area and they required a reliable gauge which was highly accurate and easy to read. The unit is very portable as it is battery powered. The customer was very satisfied and acquired multiple devices.

In Bestech’s case, one of their clients had a particular application where they needed to measure static and dynamic pressure in a moving platform. The clients were not getting reliable data and were also experiencing several issues with non-linearity and sensor failures. Aside from data reliability, they also noticed an increase in their operating costs as they had to replace the sensors quite frequently. BesTech’s applications engineer worked closely with the client  and offered a sensor technology that is able to measure over a high-range of frequency bandwidth. This particular sensor is also specifically designed to nullify the effect of external vibration and acceleration, which is the biggest challenge in this particular application. We saw an incremental benefit during the trial run of this sensor, and the client decided to use BesTech’s sensor technology to replace their existing one.

What were the effects or gains this customer saw as a result?

Wika’s clients found it easier to operate that what they were previously using and there was a considerably faster operation which also increased their throughput. Higher accuracy of 0.05% along with increased safety with the IS Certification were among the other benefits which the CPG1500 provided and although the logging function was not specified, it proved to be very helpful.

In the recent feedback which Bestech received, their client noted how they now have the confidence that they are getting accurate and reliable measurement data. This has significantly reduced their operating costs and has improved their overall process efficiency.

Where do you see pressure measurement technology heading in the next 5 years?

Wika notes the remarkable progress via new technology in this traditionally “Old Fashioned” field. Many innovations have enabled wireless Pressure Gauges, Logging functions and Remote accessibility. For example, a colleague who had a meeting in Asia was able to retrieve the individual tyre pressures from his car which was parked in Germany – this has become normal in our modern world, but the IOT will certainly facilitate even more progress. Wika believes there will be an increasing integration of pressure measurement into other devices whose main function is probably not pressure measurement.

Similarly, Bestech commends how sensor technology has tremendously evolved in the last few years and agrees with Wika in that this trend will continue in the foreseeable future. The industry is moving towards digitalized system, and remote monitoring technology is already happening across the industries. This will lead to more research activity in the wireless technology. Internet of things is another example. In upcoming years newly developed products are expected to be compatible with such emerging technology. Both BesTech and Wika commit to continuously supplying the latest technology to cater for challenging applications across a wide range of industries.

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