The Benefits of Partnership: Saving both money and time

Bespoke kitting of parts
Bespoke kitting of parts

ovesco's partnership with their B2B clients for the kitting products results in a solution that allows them to optimise their business process and significantly reduce overhead costs.

Varley is an Australian industrial engineering company that has provided innovative solutions and quality design to their customers for over 125 years.  The company wanted to find a more effective way to reduce its excessive inventory.  They wanted to improve efficiency, decrease manufacturing costs, and optimize business productivity.

A fruitful partnership begins

ovesco began working directly with Varley's engineers to create a list of materials. They identified products that were required.  And through kitting, they designed a few different project kits to eliminate excess parts. This provided assemblers with the exact number of products needed to complete their projects.

ovesco went above and beyond serving their client's needs.  Their qualified sales team employed both traditional and modern methods to source and supply Varley with materials.  The company and its employees found solutions that fit specifically with their business partner's needs.

Varley discovered that their business partnership with ovesco resulted in significant benefits and savings to their company.  ovesco provided trades-based knowledge and experience that helped Varley to eliminate excessive stock, increase warehouse space, save their own teams time and resources which in turn significantly reduce its overhead costs.

A leading business supplier

Since opening in 2000, ovesco has become a leading supplier of transportation, manufacturing and mining industries.  ovesco sources and supplies industrial hardware products and fasteners.  And their clients are about as diverse as the hardware and solutions they offer to meet each individual company's needs.

As a business-to-business supplier, ovesco provides services which range from creating kits for niche companies such as Complete Campsite or Drifta Camping and 4WD, to larger industrial companies such as Varleyovesco works with its manufacturing suppliers in sourcing parts and providing supply chain assistance.

ovesco recently became a division of the Bulbeck Group after being rewarded as Authorized Southco and HUCK Distributors in Australia. This distinction has provided the company with greater opportunities to develop an innovative and competitive hardware product range to the benefit of its customers.

"Having dealt with ovesco at my previous employ using their “Kitting” of products, it was an easy call to implement the system into the Complete Campsite manufacturing process.

The hardware supplied by ovesco for each unit is now neatly packaged with our trailer model number and purchase order number. There is even a check sheet included in each package with the list of products. This has cut down on time wasted looking for individual items in the stores as it’s all in one sealed bag with the model number on it. Each kit contains all the hardware needed for the individual models and that’s all we need to keep on the shelf."

CompleteChad Rachow

Purchasing Manager at Complete Campsite

Benefits of partnering with ovesco

Consider some of the benefits of being registered as a business partner with ovesco

  • ovesco's sales staff works closely with their partners and project managers to find a solution that fits the needs of each particular business. 
  • ovesco's kitting provides cost-effective solutions in eliminating wasted materials, space, and reducing project time.
  • ovesco offers a diverse range of industrial and transportation hardware products that can be adapted to fit the needs of any project
  • ovesco is recognized as an industry leader in providing hardware solutions to a wide variety of businesses.
  • ovesco helps businesses maximize profits by offering its partners a tiered B2B pricing system that is also available through the webshop. 

"ovesco have been supplying Drifta with hardware for many years now, from our original Drifta kitchen to our full range of products - drawers, kitchens and the new Drifta Offroad Tourer (DOT) camper trailer.

ovesco have been able to supply us with specialised hardware when required and make sure they have stock available when we place an order. As we place monthly stock orders they have a dedicated section in the warehouse for our products. Service and quality is what Drifta provide and that is why we choose ovesco as our supplier."

DriftaLuke Sutton

DRIFTA Camping & 4WD

Take the first step

ovesco's partnership with their clients for the kitting products results in a solution that allows them to optimise their business process and significantly reduce overhead costs.

Imagine what ovesco could do to help your business! Are you ready to take the first step?  

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