Techniflo's mag-drive pumps are ideal for corrosive chemicals

Supplier: Global Pumps
16 May, 2014

Global Pumps introduces a new range of pumps from Techniflo designed to withstand the challenges of pumping sulphuric acid.

Concentrated sulphuric acid (98 per cent) is used in a wide variety of industries. For example, it is the "acid" in lead-acid batteries, it's an ingredient in many chemical syntheses, it is used to process ore and refine oil, manufacture fertiliser and process wastewater.

To be effective, it must be pumped from storage tanks to production lines and then to waste holding tanks. Because it's a highly dangerous chemical, release into the environment cannot be tolerated. Safe handling is of the utmost importance when using sulphuric acid and other similarly corrosive substances. Therefore handling of sulphuric acid is highly regulated, requiring costly safety practices and monitoring equipment. Upgrading existing mechanically sealed pumps to magnetic drive seal-less pumps is one way that can both save money and increase safety.

Pumps are one of the primary concerns when dealing with corrosive chemicals because of their seals. Mechanical seals are likely failure points, causing leaks to occur in pumps. Therefore, magnetic-drive pumps, that do not contain mechanical seals, are ideal for pumping highly corrosive process fluids like sulphuric acid. Because there are no mechanical seals in a mag-drive pump, they cannot leak. Replacement of your existing pumps with mag-drive pumps will serve to decrease safety concerns. Techniflo's TB mag series pumps even have the same electrical and technical specifications as the motors of your existing pumps, so replacement is straightforward. There are no hidden costs to upgrade your existing wiring or breakers.

Techniflo's mag-drive pumps are the ideal solution to effectively and safely pump corrosive liquids, such as sulphuric acid. When compared to mechanically sealed pumps, the mag-drive pumps are completely reliable and will not leak.

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