SushiYam opens new restaurant in Murwillumbah

Supplier: MODU System Australia
27 June, 2011

A new restaurant called SushiYam recently opened in the Murwillumbah Central shopping centre on the North Coast of New South Wales.

The restaurant was built by the proprietor Yak Michellener who is to say the least a hands on guy who is very creative and has produced a stunning and elegant Sushi Restaurant that offers a variety of different foods and offers an open spacious outlook with plenty of uncluttered space to relax into while enjoying the food.

The SushiYam restaurant is fitted with a 16 metre long MODU Sushi Conveyor Belt Train supplied by Infovision Consulting Group which is mounted onto a counter top made from a stunning black color granite giving a very natural look, SushiYam is dine in or take away and is located at the corner of Wollumbin and Brisbane Streets, Murwillumbah near the major shopping Centre and Movie Theatre.

SushiYam’s cuisine is unique, based on the Japanese philosophy of natural seasonal flavours, enhanced by modern approach and stock only the freshest sushi available. Food is on the conveyor belt for a maximum of two hours and the majority of the food is freshly prepared in front of the customers.

Yak Michellener SushiYam’s owner said "we bought the MODU Sushi Conveyor Train  from Restaurant & Automation Specialists because they are a local company and gave us the best possible support during the design, installation and commissioning".

A spokesman for Restaurant & Automation Specialists said "The MODU Sushi Train Conveyor is built to the highest possible food grade standards and has a very attractive mirror finish stainless steel frame which adds to the look and presentation of any restaurant"

They said "some of the standard features that are supplied with the MODU Sushi Train Conveyors are two year warranty and poly carbonate stickers that are placed on the conveyor chain and are printed with the clients restaurant name to make it more personalised".