Strain Gage & Load Cell Measurement using Windows O/S

Supplier: Applied Measurement Australia By: Craig Nyssen
28 August, 2014

Using InstruNet will achieve High Accuracy, Low Cost, strain Gage & load cell measurement for Windows based operating systems

Using  the InstruNet i420 card provides 10 channels, each of which are independently software programmable. Maximum aggregate sample rate (all channels total) is 1000s/sec. Internal noise is 0.2uVrms when integrating for 1mSec per point. Accuracy Specifications: Strain Gage, Load Cell.
The i423 card is faster at 70,000s/sec aggregate sample rate (e.g. 4 channels each at 17ks/sec/ch). It provides 6 channels with software programmable low pass filters of 6Hz/2poles or 4KHz/2poles. Accuracy Specifications: Strain Gage, Load Cell.
Or, one can add filter daughterboards that gives you 8-pole anti-aliasing filter.
We have several limitation when measuring load cells & strain gages, described below. Systems that do not have these limitations often sell for 2 to 5 times more than instruNet.
instruNet can do zero calibration, yet if one wants to also calibrate with a precise calibration resistor, then they must do this manually w/ an external end user supplied resistor. instruNet excitation is a fixed 3.3 Volts, which is 30mA when working with 120 ohm strain gages. This corresponds to 100mW (25mW per resistor) and can lead to sensor heating.
When working with 1/4 bridge strain gages, the end user must attach one fixed completion resistor, provided you have an i512 wiring box
This is no product on the market that can measure strain gages and load cells at the price that we offer.
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