Stainless steel hose reels for food and beverage businesses

Hannay Stainless Steel reels offer protection against contamination and corrosion.

Food and Beverage businesses can't take the risk of buying unsuitable equipment that may need to be replaced regularly. Reel Tech supplies a complete range of Hannay Stainless Steel hose reels for any food industry application requiring robust construction, safety and corrosion-resistant properties.

In sanitary or harsh environments, Hannay Stainless Steel reels offer protection against contamination and corrosion. The Hannay Stainless Steel reels ensure no paint flaking or rusting, making them ideal for the food & beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries; applications include chemical transfer, washdown, potable water, and more.

The Albany's Distillery stated in their testimonial: "We chose a Hannay reel because we wanted a high-quality, reliable reel that could do what we needed it for without any issues." and "Because we are able to use the hose and store it away in such ease, we no longer have to worry about hose ends or nozzles sitting on the floor and getting dirty or creating a safety hazard."

Hannay Reel Tech stainless steel reels are used to transport filtered water for fermentation processes, proofing, and general sanitation, maintaining cleanliness and safety. It's stainless steel construction is ideal for the beverage processing.

Various models of the Hannay Stainless Steel reel are available and they can handle ¼ inch to 1 inch hose diameters and are available are either spring or manual rewind functionality.

To minimise the chance of employee and equipment damage due to excessive hose ‘speed whip' during rewind, Reel Tech also offers optional Safe-R-ReelTM, an add-on rewind speed control system designed for Hannay spring reels. This patented maintenance free Non-Belt/Chain Direct Drive System ensures a controlled speed during rewind to reduce hose handling injuries. Safe-R-ReelTM can be optioned in full stainless steel that is chemically resistant, robust, durable and offers a high level of safety.

Reel Tech, exclusive partner of Hannay in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Rim, has been supplying hose and cable reel solutions for over 30 years.

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