Stainless Steel Conveyor Systems made easy by Adept

Adept Conveyor Technologies is able to design, manufacture and if necessary, install an individual stainless steel conveyor or turnkey conveyor solution.

In every project, Adept is conscious to create a solution that suits your individual application by creating a "specifically designed and fit for purpose" custom built solution, rather than an "off the shelf" product.

Adept Conveyor Technologies has also further expanded it's offering to include stainless steel conveyors that are specifically designed for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries and provide high quality products that offer improved performance, reliability and cleanliness at a competitive price.

With over 110 years of combined conveyor design and manufacturing experience, Adept provides superior service and product. In addition to this an Adept stainless steel conveyor or turnkey conveyor solution is packed with option and features;

Powered and Non-Powered Conveyor Solutions

It is important to be solution driven with an automated handling system and so there are numerous different conveyor solutions to suit customer requirements best. A stainless steel conveyor solution is available for all applications and so each conveyor type, no matter if it’s a simple gravity conveyor, a powered lineshaft conveyor, a powered chain driven conveyor or a modular belt conveyor; these are all available in stainless steel construction.

Available in 304 or 316 Grade Stainless

Stainless Steel conveyors are available in the two most common grades of material. The environment that the conveyor will be used in will determine the grade of stainless used. Typically, a caustic wash down environment will require the use of 316 grade stainless, whilst in a less demanding environment 304 grade stainless is acceptable for use.

Can be ordered in either a Mill or a Polished finish

A standard "as rolled" mill finished is available; however a decorative polished finish is also available dependant on the environment that the conveyor is to be used in and the preferences of the customer to match existing equipment. A polished finish can also be easier to clean and to maintain good hygiene.

Rollers to suit your specific system are available in Stainless or Polymer materials

A PVC roller will usually have lower rolling resistance or inertia than a full stainless steel roller, the weight of the product and the working environment are usually the determining factor in the roller material that is specified.

Unique to Adept – Dual Race Stainless Steel Precision Bearings

A unique feature of the Adept roller bearings is the use of dual race stainless steel precision in all bearings. The dual race enables smoother running, lower rolling resistance and lower inertia to turn the individual roller. This is particularly useful when conveying light loads.

Designed to Meet Sanitation Requirements and are Easily Cleaned

The stainless steel conveyor construction and the parts used in the conveyor are designed to meet sanitation requirements for food and beverage manufacturing. In addition, the conveyor solution is also designed to aid in the customer easily cleaning and keeping the equipment in a cleanly and sanitary state.

High Corrosion and Chemical Resistance

All of the parts used in the conveyor construction, such as clamps, brackets, joints, support bases and levellers, are chemical and corrosion resistant and are able to cope with the demands of frequent washing requirements of food and beverage manufacture. The parts do not break down or perish when exposed to chemical cleaning agents and bacterial catch points are avoided by the design and construction of the stainless steel conveyor equipment.

There are a number of additional benefits in using high quality European sourced conveyor components in all Adept Conveyor Technologies’ conveyor equipment like that of our stainless steel conveyor range; the dual race precision bearings offer a longer service life, smooth and free running rollers, they require minimal or no maintenance and are low noise emitters. All of these benefits make their use in demanding environments such as food and beverage manufacturing essential and offer quantifiable benefits to the end user:

  • Reduced downtime
  • Minimal need for any maintenance
  • Lower replacement costs
  • In some cases; no lubrication requirements
  • Minimised noise due to the materials used and design solutions employed

Should you require more information on Adept Conveyor Technologies range of stainless steel conveyors or advice on your application please call or use the IndustrySearch email for a direct reply.