Spiralveyor® totelift for pharmaceutical product distribution

Supplier: AmbaFlex Spiral Conveyor Solutions By: Wouter Dirks
24 January, 2017

The AmbaFlex totelift is a lean solution for vertical transportation of tapered or regular totes.

A leading supplier of pharmaceuticals and medical products to pharmacies and hospitals opted for a simple and economic way of eliminating a bottle neck in the product flow in its distribution centres. The challenge was that tapered totes with ampoules and small cartons needed to be elevated with a high throughput but using minimum floor space.

AmbaFlex is well known as the inventor of the modern spiral conveyor and for their innovative way of adapting their core technology and knowledge for specific market needs. The aim is to always provide an optimum solution, but in the simplest way possible and simplicity is key when it comes to reliability and total cost of ownership. And although it seems like a contradiction, the extended range of AmbaFlex spiral conveyor solutions proves the success of this approach.

When conveying rigid shipment cases with repeating form factors, as requested by the Ukrainians, a spiral conveyor may look over-engineered. It offers the space saving and achieves the throughput far better than the platform elevator alternative, but a full spec spiral conveyor may be out of budget. So, with this in mind, AmbaFlex designed the ToteLift, a lean solution offering exactly what’s needed – nothing more, nothing less!

A patent pending, narrow belt concept offering optimum product stability whilst saving unnecessary investments. A lean concept for an investment that is much lower than traditional elevators, but with a performance exceeding those. A simple, but highly effective, solution and a win-win situation for everyone!

One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor solutions.

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AmbaFlex Spiral Conveyor Tote Lift