Spiral conveyor with 1 meter (39.4") belt width


This 1 meter wide spiral is ideal for e-commerce logistic distribution centers that handle a wide variety of different product sizes, up to the size of a flatscreen TV.

With a fast growing e-commerce market, demand for in time express delivery services is huge. A prominent service player in this industry, with a nationwide service network expanding overseas, operates some 9,000 service centres with nearly 300,000 employees. Needed a special solution.

To cope with this growth and yet still increase their market share, they have put much effort into strengthening their infrastructure, developing and bringing in advanced equipment to improve automatic operation, and optimizing the capacity of the whole service network. No wonder they choose a number of leading suppliers to help them accomplish this mission.

For the high capacity elevation of a challenging mixture of smaller parcels up to larger carton boxes in one flow, the AmbaFlex programme is offering the SpiralVeyor® SVe series. These spiral conveyors (the e stands for Extended belt) offer belt widths of up to 1200mm (47”) wide. The system integrator contracted for the complete project exclusively employs AmbaFlex equipment to operate in line with their own high-end material handling equipment.

AmbaFlex launched the SVe series a decade ago as the first and still only supplier of spiral conveyors of this size and since then many machines have been installed in postal, express mail, and parcel handling. This delivery is the first SVe-1000 for China, underlining the trend for high-end parcel automation in China.

The extended belt of the SVe series consists of multiple parallel belts working together and building a wide belt surface. Working with multiple belts multiplies the belts load capacity and improves the performance while also reducing the radius, resulting in smaller footprints. Overall, it’s the optimum mix of features for parcel handling and 24/7 operations such as found in an express delivery service.

The AmbaFlex Triple-E technology (low Energy, high Elevating and Extreme load capacity) is essential for such multiple belt solutions. As this technology not only supports the belts centre, but also the outer tips, the various belts in the system connect up seamlessly. These SVe multiple belt configurations come in a range from 600-1200mm (24-47”) One more proof of AmbaFlex’s leading position in Spiral Conveyor Solutions.