Signet – always supporting safe workplaces


Signet is dedicated to workplace health and safety with a committed QOHSE department — our international standard safety accreditations and an ambassador for Safe Work Week Australia.

Being safe at work is everyone's responsibility no matter your department or job title — this safety can include identifying and controlling health and safety risks, decreasing the potential for accidents, complying with relevant legislation and being conscious of your own habits.

To celebrate Safe Work Week, companies and employees are encouraged to play their part in ensuring safe processes at their work place, and are invited to join in the festivities such as best safety hat competitions, children's safety colouring-in contests, and general knowledge quizzes.

Australia is reminded the reason for safety at work is not always at work; but family, friends and other loved ones.

Signet is celebrating Safe Work Week Australia, but as a health and safety accredited organisation also wants to take the time to ensure your safety equipment is up-to-date and ready to use.

Signet understands that workplace health and safety is made simpler with the right tools, so provides a wide range of protective wear, safety equipment, site safety items and first aid and healthcare products. These products are at always the lowest price, and always in stock and on time.

Signet is a trusted Australian owned and operated company, supplying products and services for over 6 different industries.

Along with our quality accreditation — ISO 9001, health and safety accreditation — OHSAS 18001, Signet was also the 2011 national winner for the CSIA Australian Service Excellence Awards (and currently waiting for the results for the 2012 awards!).

As a company we are committed to our customers and ensuring we play our part in workplace health and safety.

For more information about Signet or our range of safety products head to or email our customer service team using the form below.