Should you own or rent a floor scraper?

If you are a contractor who uses a floor tile scraper on a regular basis, you might want to invest in a good one sooner than later. If you’ve long been renting a tile scraper, now is the time to cut your losses and buy floor scrapers to optimise profits.

Renting a floor scraper for tiles or concrete is only ideal if you’re not using it for work. However, if you are a contractor and regularly need floor scrapers for business, investing in a well-crafted machine will be a sensible purchase.

Before you whip out your credit card to buy one online, here are some shopping pointers that you need to consider. Hopefully, this article helps you choose a floor scraper that matches your needs and budget.

How often do you plan to use your floor scraper?

Whether you are in need of a ride on floor scraper or a concrete floor scraper, you need to determine its usefulness in your life. If your work involves the heavy use of floor scrapers, you need to forego renting and buy your own machine. On the other hand, if you will only need to use it once every month or less frequently, renting is undeniably more affordable.

What type of surface needs prepping?

The type of floor scraper to purchase will depend on the surface you are expected to work on. Floor scrapers come in various configurations and are fitted with various features. Ride on floor scrapers are perfect for large surfaces. Heavy-duty floor tile scrapers are only used for re-scraping ceramic tiles. A multi-purpose floor scraper can be used on different surfaces.

If you are a contractor who uses floor scrapers an everyday working tool, we highly recommend buying one that can do the job across different types of surfaces; be it concrete, ceramic, wooden floors, or parquet just to name a few.

How much is your budget?

Allocate a budget for a quality floor scraper. This may seem like an expensive investment at first, but once you reap the revenues within a short span of time, you will realise that it’s worth every penny. Take into consideration that expensive, well-made floor scrapers are more versatile and sturdy than most rental scrapers. You will be able to use them for many years without any maintenance  issues or hardship in finding spare parts.