ShopTek™ Industrial Air Compressors - 18 to 75 kW

Supplier: Sullair Australia
18 August, 2014

New energy-efficient and economical air compressor range "Shoptek".

Sullair Australia has released its latest line-up of stationary air power ShopTek compressors. With intelligent electronic controls and space-saving energy-efficient design, the new ShopTek range features a choice of configuration options to allow each compressor to be tailored to the end users' exact requirements.

According to Sullair Product Manager, Sriram Subramonian, the ShopTek line-up currently comprises four models - the ST18, the ST22, the ST30 and the ST37 - ranging in size from 18.5kW to 37kW and with free air delivery from 48.1l/s to 105.6l/s at a working pressure of 8.0bar.

"The ShopTek range is fitted with the latest technology controllers," he said.

"These provide multiple compressor sequencing to ensure uniform operation and uninterrupted production."

To ensure exceptional performance and energy efficiency, ShopTek compressors feature deluxe monitoring. Not only are all essential parameters displayed on the controller, but the data from the controller can additionally be monitored remotely through Modbus connectivity. Performance and efficiency are also enhanced through the use of transducers to regulate pressure. These minimise off-load running and reduce over-compression.

All ShopTek motors are MEPS2 compliant and utilise Sullair's proven air-end, which has been developed to optimise efficiencies over a wide range of operating capacities. This efficiency is achieved by matching the air-end discharge port to the volume/operating pressure ratios, while the air inlet design avoids preheating the inlet air to deliver additional savings.

Moreover, controlled pressure lubrication and bearing fluid reservoirs assure a reliable supply of fluid to rotating elements for longer air-end life. ShopTek compressors further improve environmental performance through the use of Sullube, a biodegradable lubricant that has a life of up to 6,000 hours.

With over 70 per cent of the life-cycle cost of a compressor typically arising through energy use when measured over a ten-year lifecycle, Sullair has enhanced the energy efficiency of its ShopTek series to improve environmental performance and to reduce the overall cost of compressor ownership for the end user.

"The ShopTek range is a perfect example of what can be achieved through good design - delivering a cost-efficient compressor solution that is ideally suited to any indoor factory environment," said Subramonian.

"Combined with Sullair's nationwide network of service centres, staffed by highly trained technicians, the ShopTek line-up offers premium reliability to keep Australian business in production."