Sealtek Pipe Repair
Sealtek Pipe Repair

Sealtek Pipe Repair Solutions from Global Pumps will repair any leaking pipe within thirty minutes.

Leakage of fluids from the pipes in chemical, process, mining and other related industries are a common problem. Various types of corrosive and hazardous fluids are transferred though the pipes due to which they tend to pass through their overall life faster resulting in development of various leakages either at the joints or the main body of the pipe.

To repair the pipes many times the company has to stop the whole plant which results in heavy losses. During repairing of the pipes, time is lost not only for repairing but also for restarting the process, which results overall huge loss of production.

Global Pumps has come out with a novel solution to repair the in-process leakage of fluid from the pipes. The company provides Sealtek pipe repair solution to repair the pipes without stopping the plant. If there are any leakages of fluids from the pipe in the plant, one has to just apply the Sealtek pipe repair bandage and (food grade) polymer bar. The bandage and bar cures within 30 minutes and the leakage of the fluid stops completely.

Here are some of the important features of Sealtek pipe repair:

  • Sealtek pipe repair bond can withstand the pressures up to 400 psi.
  • Curing of Sealtek pipe repair bonding occurs in a short period of just 30 minutes. After curing the seal becomes strong like cement.
  • Sealtek pipe repair bond is resistant to a number of chemicals so one can use it for sealing the pipes transferring wide variety of fluids.
  • Sealtek offered by Global Pumps can withstand high temperatures up to 200 degree C, which further increase the scope of its application.
  • Sealtek pipe repair kits are available in many sizes and it suits most of the pipe sizes.

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