Scissor lift for a major Australian automotive company

Supplier: Safetech
29 November, 2011

Major Australian motor company's design devision produces clay models for new car designs.

The Problem

The customer needed to safely elevate the car model to a variety of working heights so that they could then accurately measure and profile the clay model. The car had to be securely supported whilst the design team perfored these tasks.

Product Chosen

A Safetech AS3-900 with outrigger arms and ball transfer base. This is a customised 3 tonne Australian built scissor lift table with modifications that permit the positioning and safe movement of the clay model.

Benefits of this product

The designers are able to manually position the table underneath the car or model by means of the ball transfers on the base of the table. The outrigger arms are then deployed to raise the object to the optimum working level.


Traditional car hoists did not allow the designers to achieve their measuring and profiling of the model.