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Save yourself hours with our Magnetic Christmas Light Hooks!

Supplier: MSA Magnetics
28 November, 2016

It's almost Christmas, and we all know what that means...time to climb the ladder and hang those lights!

Standing on the top step of a wobbly ladder and reaching up to the guttering for hours can be a bit harsh on the backs & arms...which is why our Magnetic Christmas Light Hooks have become a must-have with many christmas-light-hangers! 

They're easy, fast and cost-effective - 

  • Simply place the magnet onto your guttering, hand rails or any metal surface
  • Loop the Christmas lights over the hooks
  • Easy removal & store for next year!...or use them around the house/garage until next year - these little magnets come in handy all the time!

Available in a variety of sizes - for full details & online orders, please visit