Samarium cobalt (rare earth) magnets

Supplier: AMF Magnetics
22 May, 2013

Samarium cobalt magnets are part of the rare earth group of magnets.

They have an excellent resistance to corrosion and are often used in auto, marine and medical applications.

While hard and brittle due to the sintering process when manufactured, samarium cobalt magnets have the highest resistance to demagnetisation and outstanding temperature stability.

An alloy composed of SmCo5/Sm2Co17, produced by the powder metallurgical method, which is: extremely hard and brittle; has a high demagnetisation resistance; limited raw material supply result in high cost; has outstanding thermal stability; and has excellent anti-corrosion properties.

Samarium cobalt magnets – discs

Because neodymium magnets do not perform well in high temperatures, the samarium cobalt disc magnets are now being used in high performance motors. Accelerometers and gyroscopes — in aircraft, marine and spacecraft — as well as down hole drilling and many precision control systems take advantage of the temperature stability of samarium cobalt magnets.