Safe and sound new cooling tower

Supplier: Doka Formwork Australia
16 January, 2013

The new cooling tower, 164.5 metres high, is a key part of the new infrastructure in the Šoštanj lignite-fired power plant.

The new cooling tower upgrade in the Šoštanj power plant is progressing with innovative formwork solutions from Doka. The high-performance cooling tower formwork SK175 is reliable technology in place to ensure speedy progress on site. The lignite-fired power plant in Šoštanj generates about one third of Slovenia's electricity and it is currently being upgraded in line with future challenges. The new 600 MW Unit 6 moves utility company and operator TES into the future of stable energy supply.

Unit 6's cooling tower is the most prominent feature of the new power-plant infrastructure. 32 inclined columns carry the tower's outer shell. Beam formwork Top 50 is being used as large-area formwork on this build. H20 timber formwork beams and Dokaplex formwork sheets were the main component parts, combined as a versatile and speedy solution for the first phase of construction.

The bottom ring was set up after the first columns had been cast. Doka's Ready-to-Use Service had this outer-shell first ring, measuring some 93m in diameter, on site and waiting right on time. The cooling tower formwork SK175 is worked off this ring.