Reversing sensors and front parking

Supplier: Professional Car Accessory's
01 May, 2012

Reverse Sensors are becoming more than just sensors these days; they are being used for safety reasons as well.

Why do we need more Reverse Sensors?

Our aim here is to raise your awareness levels to the point that we can prevent accidents.

We do apologise up front but sadly we need to understand that more and more kids today are getting run over in their own drive ways.

On average, one child a month across Australia is run-over and dies in a home driveway.

In Australia, this year alone there has been many deaths and injuries toddlers from on driveways, in shopping centres and at school drop off and pick up areas.

Why is this happening?

Sadly enough if you look at the picture above you could certainly see how this can happen—I personally can't accept that thought.

What we also need to understand is, as time goes on, we get busier with our day to day life and we rush to do everything in the one day - you could very easily run over yours or somebody else's child in the mad rush.

So we need to take more precautions to compensate with today's busy lifestyles.

We all don't want it happening to one of our own children, or anybody else's—but statistics show that it's happening

I am sure like most of the victims, we don't believe it could happen to us.

We need to be honest with ourselves here, and raise everybody's awareness levels to the point where we all understand that we become busier each year, and need to prevent accidents from happening.

If you fit the profile above, in being so busy with day to day rushed living, then you really should stop right now and think about this.

A quality-assured Reverse Sensor or Parking Sensor will cost you $329.00, and an extra $60.00 with colour code to match the vehicle's bumper bar colour.

If we really stop and think here, are we really saying that the child's life isn't even worth $389.00?

I'm sure if the worst had happened you would give $389.00 without a thought in your mind, to save your child's life; so why then do we wait unit an accident has happened to take action?

The facts are not pleasant, but this is reality we live in, and unfortunately it's true and sometimes we need to hear this from others to raise our awareness levels and to take action to prevent accidents from happening.

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