Rental return Spacepac Lehe e-Bike & e-Scooter

Lehe eBike Rental at Santa Monica Beach
Lehe eBike Rental at Santa Monica Beach

Electric Bike & Scooter Ideal for a rental fleet for hotels, resorts and holiday parks – See The Value In Offering Spacepac LeHe e-bike or e-scooter Rentals To Guests –

We know that it’s increasingly challenging to attract tourists and guests, in general because there are so many non-traditional options out there to choose from.

And, tourists want an authentic experience that is both memorable and affordable.

Still, the experience is what they are truly after, and willing to pay for. When guests "feel" that they are experiencing something no one else in their circle gets to experience, that’s priceless.

See the case study at Fairmont Hotel Guests Enjouing EcoBoomer SMART Scooter along the Venice Boardwalk in California. Click Here

Here’s How It Works (example only)

1. Buy 10 units at only $1,596.00 (each) including GST which includes free shipping in Australia or New Zealand
2. Rent and then sell them to your customers or guests
3. Profit

Click Here for the numbers E-BIKE REVENUE STREAMS

Spacepac Lehe K1 and L1 Introduction