Qld demands tougher asbestos controls from Commonwealth

21 July, 2016

Queensland is calling on the Commonwealth to step up its efforts to prevent the importation of asbestos containing materials into the country.

Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace said she would write to the federal government calling for stricter import controls on the hazardous substance, after asbestos was detected on a major Brisbane construction site recently.

"I'm very concerned that asbestos is still making its way into the country and ending up on Queensland construction sites," she said.

"I want to commend the CFMEU for its vigilance in testing, which detected deadly asbestos fibres on one of the biggest construction sites in Brisbane.

"The import ban imposed back in 2003 clearly didn't work in this case and it's up to the federal government to enforce this ban or explain why it failed.

"People going into new buildings, or working on building sites, have an expectation that they will be asbestos free.

"Asbestos is a deadly substance and it's rightly banned in every State and Territory in the country, with a zero tolerance approach here in Queensland.

"It's time for all stakeholders, including the federal government and businesses, to be more vigilant in stopping the importation of products containing asbestos once and for all – anything less will not be tolerated in Queensland."