DMF can replace the flexible PVC panel inserts on all brands of swing doors including Carona, Coldshield, MTI Swingview, Neway and Remax

DMF can manufacture and fit the PVC panel inserts for all brands of flexible PVC swing doors, including Neway doors, also known as Newman Tonks or Efco, MTI Swingview and Coldshield / Carona / Remax door types. Our PVC is food grade quality and had HACCP Aust endorsement.

We custom prepare to specific sizings and can provide all the necessary seaming by THF weld process.

With options of clear, satin, coloured laminate, and reinforced PVC, DMF can provide the best solution to replace or improve your existing doors. Contact DMF with details of the doors and we will advise on the information required to manufacture the panels.


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