Pumpability in Ice Cream

Supplier: Pumpability
01 August, 2018

Earlier this year pumpability completed a project for flavour dosing into ice cream, using a weight loss system with a PCM Moineau progressing cavity pump.

The system measures the rate of weight loss from the flavour supply hopper and adjusts the pump speed to maintain an accurate dosing rate according to the recipe keyed in by the operator. The photo shows the system after test in our workshop.

Pumpability has since been awarded a contract by another ice cream manufacturer for much more sophisticated PCM Dosys pumps for also dosing flavours into ice cream. Compared to progressing cavity pumps, the PCM Dosys pumps have more precision and better repeatability with clean-in-place capability. These pumps are part of a fully integrated control system aimed at upgrading industry standards for hygiene and precision in the manufacture of ice cream.