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Supplier: Bi-tron Lubrication
04 March, 2010

A multi-billion dollar after-market has sprung up around the automotive industry, with every major oil company spending millions trying to persuade the public that their oil or fuel is better and will make their equipment run longer.

In a world where environmental concerns have become increasingly important, these companies are scrambling to make 'environmental claims' for their 'new, improved products' since they know that conscientious customers will avoid products which cause unnecessary pollution.

With new emission laws being passed, it's no longer a matter of choice, but one of necessity, to do everything in our power to make our vehicles and machinery run cleaner.

Bi-tron's advanced molecular engineering has created the next generation of lubricants, fuel system treatments and workshop products. The Bi-tron formula adheres to metal surfaces providing constant lubrication under even the most severe conditions.

Bi-tron products contain no solids to clog engine parts or reduce power. With Bi-tron, engines run cooler, more smoothly and more efficiently. Performance and fuel economy are improved and emissions are reduced.

Of the millions of machines and vehicles in use today, there is not one which cannot benefit from Bitron Lubricants' family of products.