Production facilities

Supplier: Capilano Honey
16 January, 2012

Capilano Honey has two factories located at Richlands (Queensland) and Maryborough (Victoria) comprising the world's best practice in honey packing, hygiene, waste management, warehousing and distribution functions.

Both of these facilities are controlled and adhere to strict quality assurance standards. Careful attention is paid to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles, which is a quality assurance program that meets the most stringent International Food Industry requirements. In August 2001, Capilano Honey received HACCP accreditation. Adhering to these programs guarantee that our customers enjoy only the best of the best, packaged under hygienic food safe conditions and originating from 100 per centnatural honey straight from our quality beekeepers.

This quality focus is not only at factory level, in fact, it largely begins with our beekeepers, who themselves follow HACCP principles in their facilities including extracting equipment, cleanliness of honey contact surfaces and using poly drums for honey transportation.

In addition to a comprehensive HACCP quality system, Capilano has implemented a state of the art laboratory, SciTest to ensure best practice analytical expertise in the testing of honey for microbial and chemical residues. Testing equipment such as the LC/MS/MS Triple Quad Instrumentation have been employed to ensure sensitive and accurate confirmation of contaminants. SciTest works closely with Government, Regulatory Bodies and Commercial Laboratories to ensure the accuracy of analytical methods, which enables us to provide unparalleled quality assurances to our customers. SciTest is the only specialised Honey Laboratory of its kind in Australasia.

Capilano's Richlands factory also comprises a PET production facility where we produce PET packs in-house with injection blow moulding machines.

The major benefits and features of PET are:

  • Consumer safety
  • No interaction between the product and packaging i.e. the PET is safe for use with honey
  • Suitability for storage and safe usage
  • Recyclability of the packaging after use

PET used by Capilano has been guaranteed to be safe for food contact by International Food Standards. The PET will not interact with the honey.