Pneumatic Multiplier Range Features New Gearbox Design

Pneumatic Torque Multiplier
Pneumatic Torque Multiplier

Thanks to a new gearbox design, the new class leading models in Norbar Torque Tools' range of pneumatic torque wrenches are now faster, lighter, smaller and therefore much easier to handle than other units of a similar capacity.

The new ranges which have been introduced are the 540N.m - 2700N.m and 700N.m - 3500N.m PTM-92. To follow shortly are the 900N.m - 4500N.m and 1200N.m - 6000 N.m PTM-119 Series Models.

Putting the weight and speed improvements into perspective, the PTM-92 3500N.m model is half the weight and 60% faster than the nearest equivalent from Norbar’s traditional range. Weight distribution is also critically important for ease of handling and so careful research and testing by Norbar has resulted in all of these new models being supplied with high strength but low weight aluminium reaction arms.

Speed and motor power have a major effect on workshop efficiency. Testing at a major wind turbine manufacturer recently proved this point. In the multi stage tightening process of the ‘shrink disc’, on each re-application of the tool the Pneutorque moved the bolt 30º more than its competitor resulting in the job being completed 25% faster. But, in keeping with Norbar’s normal philosophy, these tools are built for durability.

Tools of this size are most often used in mining, wind generators and large off-road vehicles, where the health and safety benefits of pneumatic tools over impact wrenches are even more significant.

Tests were carried out using both an impact wrench and a Pneutorque tool to tighten 10 truck wheel nuts. Averaged over the 10 bolts, the total vibration measured for the impact wrench, the vector sum, was 18.8m/s2, whereas Norbar’s Pneutorque registered only 1.4 m/s2 during the same test. While a user of the impact wrench would reach their daily exposure action value (EAV) in just 8 minutes, the Pneutorque operator could perform the same task continuously for over 24 hours without breaching the EAV.

Norbar Torque Tools Ltd is Europe’s leading manufacturer of torque tightening and measuring equipment and the PTM-92 and PTM-119 are the latest high technology additions to the extensive Pneutorque range, which includes models up to 100,000N.m.


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