Playing with fire - a fire retardant workplace

Supplier: Giant Inflatables Industrial By: Lee Ostilly
26 October, 2016

When working with combustible materials and machinery that sparks it is essential that you protect your staff and work place by ensuring that your choice of structure is fire retardant to avoid injury

When working in the Industrial Arena it is never a good idea to leave anything to chance. Giant Inflatables Industrial ensures that its unconventional, cost effective, transportable and safe shelters, workshops and emergency pop up facilites are made from materials that, if necessary, are blast material safe and fire retardant.

Being the Australian agent of an amazing fire retardant product which makes timber and fabric fire retardant, your workers clothes and inflatable, transportable work and emergency facilities can have a fire retardant rating as good as a Formula 1 Driver.

Call us to learn how a nano technology ceramic coating can transform your workplace (without any tactile change to the look and feel) into a safe environment with an incredible ISO rating.