Palletising solutions for the food industry

Supplier: Sterling Robotics PTY LTD By: NACHI Australia
16 July, 2009

Customer based in Victoria that supplies products such as nuts and dried fruits

Due to OH&S issues the customer looked at automating the packing line by using a Palletising Robot. NACHI was then approached to give a solution.

The design had to be able to:

- Palletise 2 stations side by side
- Capability to Palletise Two Bay 
- Capability to remove completed pallet from one Bay while Robot Palletise other Bay
- Gripper to be capable to pick 2 boxes at any one time 
- Palletise a Layer of 10 boxes every minute
- Run 24 hrs a day
- Safety compliant 
- Integrate with existing plant and work area
- Future proof (have the ability to add new products when required)
The solution was the use of a Nachi ST200 Palletising Robot integrated with a specific design and Safety Cell, in feed conveyor, fully Pneumatic Gripper, to enable the robot to stack different boxes from control of  HMI Panel.

The Robot task includes the shifting of Guard from one station to another so that operator can remove the completed Pallet.

- Nachi ST200 6-axis robot 
- Pneumatic Grippers
- Robot Interface with PLC
- HMI Panel for Easy operator access
- Auto sensing through-out process
- Pneumatic Gripper
- Programming
- Safety fence

- Continuous Palletising
- Increased Production
- Reduced Labour Costs
- Consistent stacking quality
- Adaptability (future proofing)

Palletising Robot