Palletising machine commissioned for CSD Grains

Supplier: AccuPak By: Jessica Bryant
10 August, 2010

A palletising robot is being used to palletise bags of flour at Cotton Seed Distributors' new Westbrook plant near Toowoomba.

The Palletising Machine was part of a turnkey order Accuweigh's Budpak branch received for complete bag filling, palletising and pallet wrapping lines.

Bag of flour are filled and heat sealed on the mezzanine floor, then delivered to the Palletising Machine located on the floor below by means of a gravity slide chute. Due to limited floor space availability, the Fuji-Ace Palletising Machine also positions an empty pallet onto the loading station conveyor, then places a slip sheet onto the pallet prior to palletising the bags of flour.

After the palletising is completed, the loaded pallet passes to a stretch wrapper where a protective top sheet and weatherproof stretch wrap is applied. The Japanese made Fuji-Ace Palletising Machine was chosen for CSD's application due to its ultra quiet operation and its high energy efficiency that uses less power than opposition models.

The Fuji-Ace Palletising Machine also has the ability to transverse both horizontal and vertical planes simultaneously which can significantly increase bag throughput on busy lines.  

Accuweigh/Budpak is Australia's largest weigh packaging company with branches in all mainland states providing sales and service support on all weighing, bagging, packaging and food inspection requirements. Accuweigh/Budpak has hundreds of existing palletising, filling and stretch wrapper installations throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific.
Fuji-Ace Robot Palletiser