Overview of Inflatable Shelters, Booths, Warehouses and other Temporary Pop-Up Structures

Giant Inflatables Industrial have revolutionized the traditional, expensive, inefficient and cumbersome methods of industry and created an efficient, durable, safe and reliable alternative which is portable, fast and inexpensive.

Our sandblasting shelters, temporary, inflatable blasting booths, warehouses and temporary shelters are our specializations

Giant Inlatables Industrial saves its customers significant costs due to the time and labor savings due to the inflatable shelters. That is why Giant Inflatables Industrial is regarded as the industry leaders in in?atable, portable and temporary In?atable structures.

Some of the Industries we supply are:

  • Industrial;
  • Mining;
  • Construction;
  • Agricultural;
  • Oil and Gas;
  • Aviation;
  • Defense
  • Emergency and First Response

Within the above industries, there are various Shelters required to:

  • ensure the continued, ongoing provision of works no matter the environment or weather,
  • protect workers from the elements,
  • ensure Workplace Health and Safety compliance
  • protect confidential projects or military operations,
  • protect the environment from pollutants, and
  • control the internal environment whether for the purposes of generating heat or cold.

There are thousands of uses of inflatable shelters from the smallest jobs to the largest. Sandblasting and Media Blasting of large industrial machinery and equipment requires specialist encapsulation, noise attenuation and blast media capture for recycling.

Giant Inflatables Industrials' Inflatable SandBlasting and Encapsulation Shelters are a quick, reliable, reusable and a proven cost saving alternative. In constant use with companies like Siemens, Origin Energy, Queensland Air, Blast One, and many other well recognized companies, they are proven to offer a rapid and meaningful return on investment.

Conventionally, sandblasting and encapsulation has made use of rigid scaffolding skinned with a proprietary and non-reusable membrane sheeting. This encapsulation is very expensive, time consuming and requires height certifications. Giant Inflatables Industrial has radically revisited this conventional method with our trusted, tested and proven Inflatable media blasting and encapsulation shelters.

Inflatable covers and enclosures for encapsulation are used to contain and capture toxic particulate and contaminated blasting waste.

This portable workshop for Cubic Defense was used to fit army vehicles with military training simulation systems.

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