On-board weighing systems by Compuload offer increased productivity

Supplier: Atlas Weighing By: Wayne Grech
08 January, 2014

Whether your working in landscape supply, quarries, mining, or transport, the benefit of having a Compuload weighing system on your front end loader, excavator or truck can greatly increase the customer's productivity in many areas of their business.

Companies that operate in landscape supply, quarries, mining, and transport can benefit from increased productivity by attaching the Compuload weighing system to a front-end loader, excavator or truck.

A key industry issue is the damage caused by overloading. Correct loading according to manufacturer's recommendations is vital to comply with Chain of Responsibility law, to avoid overloading fines and strain on machinery. It also helps to optimise efficiency, as the system ensures that trucks are not underloaded and losing productivity. Compuload weighing system makes sure that you can run your business efficiently in today's tight market place.

An On-board Weighing system by Compuload can measure the correct amount of material in a front-end loader or an excavator bucket. Loading trucks correctly first time can save operators time and money by reducing unnecessary truck movements and the need to refill or remove material once the truck gets to the weighbridge.

Compuload Weighing systems began in 1988 and today sales exceed 5,000 units. The Compuload 1000, 3000, and 4000 scales are made in Australia with regular software and design upgrades to keep apace with technological progress and yet maintain their easy-to-use features required by operators and management. The systems are ideally suited to all front-end loaders and forklift weighing applications.

The range of units includes:

Compuload 1000

The Compuload 1000 for basic weighing applications, which is best known for its ultra-small, compact design.

Compuload 3000Mk11

The Compuload 3000Mk11 can weigh in static or lift speed compensated mode and has the ability to run a Compuload 4060 printer, allowing the operator to see individual bucket readings, total weight totals and to print off a hard copy.

Compload 4000

The Compload 4000 has all of the above features plus more, for operators and management who require greater control of the weighing process. When used with 4060 printer there are three settings where you can enter a customer's name, the product being loaded and the truck registration number. The Compuload 4000's memory function will allow the operator to store the weighing process data for retrieval or printing at a later date.

Compuload USB Downloader

The Compuload USB Downloader works in conjunction with the Compuload 4000's memory function. You simply download the stored weighing data to the supplied USB stick, which will format the data to open with a Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software programs. This allows management to create a permanent record of the weighing data, as well as being able use this data to analyse to further control operations.

Excavator Scales

Atlas Weighing Excavator Scales are the 3B6 scales from Italy and offer many of the same benefits as the Compuload 3000 and 4000 scales. The 3B6 I View scale offers the operator a full, large colour screen with the same principles of getting the correct weight for the bucket. Excavator Scales require two inputs, one from the boom and one from the stick, to get an accurate weigh reading. A front-end loader scale only requires one input. It is advisable to calibrate an Excavator scale onsite or have the ability use the scale in actual digging mode to get an accurate scale calibration.

Compuload Load Manager Truck Scale

The Compuload Load Manager is ideal for truck scales. It is a cost-effective and accurate scale. The System measures the axle weighs on air suspension trucks with mechanical front single or twin steers. The Load Manager also comes with the option for parabolic suspension systems.

As truck weighing is a safety issue and loads must be evenly distributed as per the manufacturers' recommendations, it is important to get separate axle weighs, gross and total payload weighs correct. The compact single DIN mounted display has bright LEDs, which can be easily mounted in a single DIN cut in the truck's dashboard. It can also be custom-mounted in an overhead console.