Old Gorman-Rupp pumps still perform

Supplier: Hydro Innovations
24 January, 2017

A sand Quarry in Wagga Wagga purchased a 2nd hand Gorman-Rupp self priming 10” T10A3S-B pump late last year.

Pump was needed to pump water out of their pit after the Murrumbidgee river broke its banks and flooded the pit.

They purchased the pump from Penrith Lakes Authority, who had been using the pump for almost 15 years.

Gorman-Rupp pump

The Quarry contacted Hydro Innovations to obtain pump performance information and enquire as to the availability of parts.

Without buying a single part, the Quarry put the pump to work in November 2016. The pump has since been pumping 24/7 , pumping water 1.5km to washing plants, storage ponds or settling ponds, before it is eventually returned to the river.

No parts have been purchased to date, and the pump continues to pump the water, dirt, rocks and sand 24/7, and will continue to do so until the pit is empty.