Nozzle makes refurbishment of water treatment system easier

Supplier: Tecpro Australia
31 January, 2011

Tecpro Australia is proud to announce the introduction of the economical Filter Nozzle Type P to its range of quality filter nozzles.

For organisations wishing to refurbish their water treatment filtering systems, the introduction of the high precision Filter Nozzle Type P in Australia and New Zealand will come as great news.
"It is available in a range of specifications to suit many different installations,” says Graeme Cooper, Managing Director of Tecpro Australia. "For instance, you can choose from slot widths ranging from 0.25mm to 3mm, and they come in a wide variety of standard thread and stem sizes or custom designs can be made if needed."
The Filter Nozzle Type P is very effective for use in sand and anthracite filters. It is easily cleaned by backwash, and the consistently accurate, fine slots, prevent the entry of fine filtering sand into the nozzles.
"By being inexpensive and available in such a wide variety of dimensions, the Filter Nozzle Type P is the smart choice for most types of water filtering systems,” says Cooper. "Its introduction is particularly good news for those needing to refurbish an older system. This is because up until now, there has been a limited choice in the market which restricted the options available."
Designed and manufactured by Italian company ILMAP, the high precision Filter Nozzle Type P is available in standard polypropylene as well as the following specialised formulations to offer increased strength, durability and chemical resistance: Glass-filled polypropylene (30% fibre glass) for increased strength and temperature resistance, with a permitted maximum operating temperature of 110°C.

Mineral-filled polypropylene (40% mineral talc) for increased dimensional stability and compression strength under higher temperatures.

PVDF (polyvinylideneflouride) for optimal mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, thermal stability, purity and chemical resistance. This formulation is suitable for contact with drinking water and drinking liquids, and can be used up to a maximum operating temperature of 135°C.

With Ilmap's 40 years experience in designing and supplying filtering solutions for a wide range of water treatment systems in Europe and around the world, in conjunction with Tecpro’s team of Technical Consultants, water treatment authorities can be sure they are getting the most suitable filter nozzle solution for their particular application.