Non-slip, Anti-Slip, Slip Resistant? OH&S Requirements

Supplier: Grip Guard Non-Slip Floor Safety
03 November, 2009

With the ever increasing emphasis on OH&S, business owners are under enormous pressure to ensure that workplace safety requirements are met.

Approximately one quarter of all workplace injuries result from slips, trips and falls.  It is the legal obligation of employers, property owners and OH&S officers to ensure that floor surfaces are non-slip to protect employees and guests from this type of accident.

Grip Guard has provided hundreds of businesses with a Comprehensive Floor Safety Inspection, designed to eliminate dangerous floor surfaces that may lead to slip and fall injuries.  By identifying any problem areas, employers can address floor safety issues before accidents occur. 

Grip Guard Floor Safety operators utilise an ASM slip meter to measure the coefficient of friction (slip resistance) of floor surfaces.  A floor safety report is prepared that includes the interpreted results of the testing as well as technical advice regarding the most appropriate treatments, if required, to meet OH&S requirements.

For stone based surfaces such as porcelain, ceramic, marble, granite, terrazzo and concrete, Grip Guard anti-slip treatment modifies the dimensions of the pore structures in a controlled way that improves wet floor slip resistance by modifying the porosity or absorbency of the topmost surface pore structure and modifies the depth of these pores.

Unlike etching processes that actually eat into the surface itself and roughen the texture, Grip Guard anti-slip floor treatment leaves surfaces looking like they did before application - and feeling the same when dry.

And, unlike non-slip floor coatings, the treatment is not a topical coating that can be worn away by pedestrian traffic.  Its durability ensures a permanent anti-slip solution.  As this modification is done to only the uppermost pore structures, the floor can be maintained in normal fashion to provide a safer floor for years to come.

Non-slip, anti-slip, slip resistant, R-10, R-11, R-12...regardless of what you call it, a floor treated with Grip Guard will reduce the chance of accidents in the workplace by twenty-five percent.