Nifty Lift Opens Doors to New World Headquarters

Supplier: Niftylift
10 September, 2015

Nifty Lift Celebrates the opening of its new World Headquarters in Milton Keynes.

Nifty lift celebrated the opening of its new World Headquarters by hosting a special Open Day at the facility in Shenley Wood, Milton Keynes recently.

The Open Day which was held on Friday 5th June was open to suppliers and customers, and Nifty Lift welcomed visitors from around the world to take their first look at the exciting new facility.

Visitors to the open day were able to view and operate examples of Nifty lifts entire product range, including Nifty lifts award winning Hybrid range. There was also an indoor exhibition where visitors could learn about the business, its innovations and interactions with the marketplace and local community.

Centre stage however, was Nifty Lifts new state-of-the-art facility, which covers more than 28,000 square metres. It houses Nifty lifts sales & marketing, finance, research & Development and machine production functions, with just service, spare parts and refurbishing remaining at its stone bridge facility.

With some well-deserved optimism about the future, Nifty lift has space earmarked for the future development on the Shenley wood site, with a dedicated R & D Centre and Visitor/ Training Centre already planned.

Bringing cutting edge technology together with environmental consciousness, the new Shenley wood headquarters is the very embodiment of Nifty Lifts business ethos. It will open the doors to new employment opportunities within the region and give Nifty Lifts the ‘room to grow” that it needs to continue to develop its reputation as a successful, sustainable British manufacturing company and compete on the world stage.