New Polyurethane CastingTechnology at Dotmar

Dotmar has recently, as part of their growth strategy and plant upgrade process, acquired Polyurethane casting equipment for their urethane elastomer division.

Dotmar has purchased two machines; a smaller two component unit and a large production, three component unit, boasting 200 plus litre tank capacity. This Polyurethane dispensing machine is a computerised, multi-colour, multi-duro, high volume machine with expandable flexibility for future growth and the capacity to cope with numerous raw material technologies i.e. tank expansion and the option to manufacture both TDI and MDI materials.

The equipment is scheduled for installation and commissioning in the second quarter of 2010. This new Polyurethane dispensing technology will increase efficiency, ensuring timely response to Dotmar clients and ensure the consistent production of high quality Polyurethane sheet, rod, tube in large and small volumes and completely uniform cross-section custom cast parts for all market channels from OEM to the end user.