New packaging solution to maximise the storage and shelf life of long-life food

26 Nov 2019

Jet Technologies has released a new aseptic packaging solution to transform the long-term storage of thermally sterilised food products.

The aseptic packaging is a bacteria free multi-barrier storage option, that allows the non-refrigerated storage and distribution of a broad range of food products, while retaining long-term product quality in ambient temperatures. This offers food manufacturers greater flexibility within their production processes, right through to distribution.

“Aseptic packaging is a growing market for Australia due to its volume efficiency, lower footprint and high multi-barrier properties for longer asset preservation, which reduces the requirement for preservatives in foods,” explained Daniel Malki, General Manager, Jet Technologies.

The packaging is best suited to beverages, sauces, soups or other food products with a liquid basis such as fruit puree, dairy, wine, jams and more.

“Aseptic packaging is a great solution for seasonal products with consistent demand throughout the year,” Daniel explained. “This is because it offers an option for products such as fruit to be stored longer and drip fed out onto the production line at regular intervals to meet ongoing demand, rather than needing to be packaged ready for distribution when the ingredients are in season. It can also be used for batch storage.”

The Aseptic bags are fully certified and filling sizes are customisable. They are produced with different spout types, to suit the needs of the food manufacturer. One inch spouts are recommended for juices, concentrate, paste and pulp, while two and three inch spouts are recommended for quality retention of diced food products.