New liquid filter increases process and product integrity

Supplier: Donaldson Australasia By: Donaldson Australasia Pty Ltd
22 November, 2016

Cleanroom filter production line prepared for industry 4.0.

The development and production of a new liquid filter generation provides maximised performance and quality within the food and beverage industry. In the German plant a new cleanroom production line has been set up, with which a fast customised production is possible and which also allows a high run as well as a batch size 1.

Stefan Loebbert, Business Development Manager Process Filtration: "With the implementation of new research results in the liquid filtration for the more and more individual customer-specific requirements we have opened the door to Industry 4.0. The market demands an increasingly faster and more flexible adaptation of production cycles from the food and beverage manufacturers as well as improved safety levels within the process. Our research and development have reacted to that".

The new Donaldson LifeTec® depth and membrane filter elements for pre-, fine and sterile filtration differ from the previously known filter constructions due to a much more stable PP liner whose rhomb-shaped sections optimise the static and improve the flow conditions (image 1).

High-performance liquid filters with lengths of up to 40 inches have to remain stable even under tough conditions, e.g. hydraulic shock, and no hairline crakcs may appear on the liner and its thermally welded connecting elements. The structure of the liner causes significantly improved pressure stability and bending stiffness. The high torsional stiffness reduces the danger of damaging the filter media during installation and removal of the element (image 2). With the new filter construction Donaldson has managed to make the process filtration safer in this crucial area.

One of the biggest challenges for the development of pleated filter media for the broad application range with retention rates of 0.2 to 100 micron was to increase the dirt-holding capacity for the lowest differential pressure and the mechanical and thermal stability for a maximum number of cleaning and sterilisation cycles. Through flow simulations it was possible to optimise the surface being flowed over, as regards pleat depth and number of pleats, so that the flow resistance is minimised and a maximum volume flow achieved.

The new liquid filter series is suitable for direct and indirect food contact according to EC 1935/2004 and FDA - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21.

Donaldson has a broad range of filtration solutions for nearly every application in the food and beverage industry. The spectrum of application filters has been extended for current technological trends, such as sterilisation with VPHP (H2O2 in hot air), or the downsizing of installation for same performance (image).

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