New FLIR thermal camera - built for the expert, by the experts

Supplier: FLIR Systems Australia
07 September, 2018

The new advanced T1K IR camera from FLIR is built for advanced Thermography users and consultants in both the Mining Industry and Power Utility markets.

Whether you are looking at pipe lining wear, high and low voltage electrical issues or mechanical applications on your mine site, the T1k will make your inspections and surveys easier and quicker whilst giving you the maximum efficiency, versatility and safety you require from a high performance FLIR Camera.

One issue our mining and power utility customers face today is trying to use an IR camera which only has an LCD display outside in sunny conditions.

The T1k has a high-resolution viewfinder which shows you the same information as on the LCD screen making any inspection easy to see where your issues and problems reside.

The new OSX™ Precision HDIR optical system provides unsurpassed image clarity, detail, and temperature accuracy,

from the standard 28° lens to the wide angle, to the telephoto lenses.

The Precision HDIR optical system provides the ability to pinpoint the smallest anomalies from farther away than ever before, allowing you to stand back away from possible dangers of haul packs and other mining machinery.

The T1K with rugged, ergonomic design and rotating optical block takes the stress out of a day-long list of inspections, making it easier to scan at difficult angles. The FLIR Vision Processor™ delivers the best, most detailed, and smoothest images with the least amount of noise, thanks to MSX®, UltraMax™, and our proprietary adaptive filtering algorithms.

With 1024 × 768 detectors or pixels the T1k offers 786,432 temperature measurement points per image, and more than 3.1 million when using UltraMax™. The FLIR T1k uses MSX® patented multi spectral image enhancement to emboss visual details onto the full resolution thermal image, providing perspective to the scene and allowing you to read text and label on target objects and components.

The thermal sensitivity of the camera is <0.02° C which is more than two times better than the industry standard for low noise imagery.

Four programmable buttons, two programmable measurement functions backed by the best protection for any infrared camera, with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, five-year battery warranty and 10-year detector warranty.

To arrange a demo of the FLIR T1K or any FLIR camera please contact us.