New challenges and advancements facing the food processing sector

Supplier: Food Processing Equipment (FPE)
11 August, 2017

IndustrySearch talks with Stuart Hincksman from Food Processing Equipment on their business, their thoughts on the food processing industry & how businesses can adapt to their large range of machines.

Tell us a little about Food Processing Equipment

We have got food processing equipment, predominantly in the meat industry and in the food industry. In recent times we have got technologies that range from cooking equipment, x-ray inspection, mixing, chopping, to slicing and mechanical handling equipment.


What challenges are you seeing food production face that new technology can solve for them?

Cost of labour is a challenge for everyone, so producers are looking for equipment which will allow them to do more for less, consistently and safely, that is a big driver of the technology we offer and it (technology) has to bring value.


What new advancements are you seeing businesses adapt to their food production lines?

We are seeing more production data been analysed more often, real time, so you can monitor and detect inconsistencies faster, safety obviously is a big one, you can analyse operators performance with the data and you can do it at a management level.